Mentor InfoTech Review

Hi folks

Its me again. I have been on a vacation too long now and planning to update this review blog regularly. This time when I went to India, I decided to get in touch with the web design companies in India to bring some fresh reviews. Here a review of Mentor Infotech from there very own satisfied customer –

We are Water purifier repair and maintenance service provider from Mumbai. One day we decided to have a website to expand our business, and also do SEO for our website. We met many representatives from different companies but no one gave us a proper solution; being in the competitive business of water purifier repair in Mumbai, most of the companies were more interested in closing the sale than actually solving the issue at hand – business leads for my company!! We were so confused then with a fresh mind we started doing Google search and found Mentor Infotech. We called them and met the owner of the company. He gave us all suggestions that can help us to increase our clients from online sources.

Some of the suggestion includes

  1. Simple designing
  2. Target those who are looking for your services
  3. Have commonly searched keywords for SEO

We now have good website live from last 2 years and the website is bring new clients every day, our business has increased from the website and SEO done on the site.

We give 10 out of 10 to Mentor Infotech for not only Good work but also for some personal attention and suggestions to us. v/s comparison

When you plan to have your own shopping cart for selling your products / services, you should check out which company is offering what. All companies are good but you have to select company that fulfills your requirements. Here we are comparing two companies from Indian ecommerce software industry.
Check out the features of two Indian Shopping Cart Software companies.
Products                   1000                                                            Unlimited
Images                      2 per product                                            4 per product
Themes                     50                                                                 Customized
Payment Options Major Payment Gateways                         Major Payment Gateways
Customer Support  e-Mail Support                                          e-Mail Support / Telephone
Reports                     NA                                                                 Yes
Currencies                Only INR                                                     All
Customizable catalogs No                                                           Yes
Product comparisons   Yes                                                           No
Product Reviews            Yes                                                           No
Breadcrumbs                  Yes                                                           Yes
Tax Rates                        Yes                                                            Yes
Attribute Sets                 Yes                                                            Yes
Image resizing               Yes                                                            Yes
CheckProduct Reviews Yes                                                          Yes
Order status                      Yes                                                         Yes
Recently ordered items   Yes                                                        Yes
Address Book                     Yes                                                       Yes
Default Billing Shipping  Yes                                                       Yes
Product Reviews submitted Yes                                                  No
Order Tracking                     No                                                    Yes [third party link]
Best Viewed Products        No                                                     Yes
If you are comfortable with Open source then Big Raja is good and if you are looking for Customized programming then 24x7cart is good choice.
Shopping cart software in India is becoming popular now a days, so companies offering such services are not only giving you best service but also fulfill  all your requirements.

Website Submission Review Procedure

Hi Everyone


This is a general post and not a review. I was thinking of discussing a few aspects used for reviewing your submission and web design companies.


To elaborate on the procedure and keep it as transparent as possible – please note the following points –


1. Once your submission is received, it will be checked for completion before being sent for review.

2. If your submission is complete and sent for review, we will visit your website.

3. We analyze the quality of website, company information provided, age of company and work completed till date.

4. It is very important to have a portfolio link on your website and keep it up to date.

5. Once all of the above is analyzed, we will consider your reference client and will review that particular project.

6. Depending on the project description and budget, we analyze the project to evaluate your work. For example, if it is a web design project, we rate the design quality, coding quality and issues, W3C checks, On page optimization.


Once everything is complete, we shortlist the submissions to 2-3 companies and then if possible contact their clients. The final review is posted once we receive a positive testimonial and confirmation of completed project for that client.



I hope this clarifies any concerns that you might have regarding the quality and review check process.


Next week, we shall post a review again.

Review on SEO Services from Mumbai based company 24x7online

Here is a verified post by a client of 24x7online Mumbai as review for this web design and SEO firm.

I am sharing my experience with 24x7online one of the top seo company in mumbai. We designed our website from some local web designer and then done all local promotional stuff but could not get the proper ranking in search results even for some location based keywords.

We then start searching for some SEO service provider, while searching we come across this company, we talk with the owner of the company and thought to give a chance to the company and its services. Within three months from the day we started we found our ranking improved drastically, we were from nowhere to first page of search results for most of our keywords. We start getting inquiries from the website, now we are regularly getting online inquiries and good number on inquiries are getting converted as clients. I am really happy with the services provided by this company, so would recommend it to all. If you are willing to do online promotion for your business you should try this company.

Web Design and SEO Company review of Pulse Wave Media


Web Design and SEO Company review of Pulse Wave Media


One of our first review submission comes from our Canadian friend who runs a Web Design Firm in Calgary – AB. I had the opportunity to review the submission and also talk to one of the satisfied clients of Pulse Wave Media.

I must say the company provides a great customer experience to all involved with them. Pulse Wave Media is a company started by a recent  University of Alberta graduate who also works full-time in his field of study. With many projects already completed within a few months of start-up – PWM seems to be the fastest growing web design companies in the Alberta region. The most recent project for Pulse Wave Media was Hamptons Chirocare – developed for a Chiropractor in Calgary.

When I spoke to the owner of this clinic – he was really impressed with the work performed and added the following ” PWM is a great web design firm, my website was ready within a couple of weeks and all the changes required were taken care off within a few hours and sometimes almost immediately. A score of 5 on customer satisfaction and clear communication”

With such a fantastic testimonial received directly from PWM Client, I couldnt help but provide a great review for this company and its web design team. If you would like your firm to get reviewed, feel free to drop in a submission and if possible a reference client.

SEO, SEO Calgary

Web Design and Hosting Services Review Intro

For everyone new here, this blog is dedicated to share your experience and review web design companies that you have dealt with.


The admin of this website will be reviewing web design and SEO companies from around the world and posting one approved review per month.

Readers can also send their personal experiences to the admin to help the review process.


Web Design and SEO Companies can submit a review request via the contact form along with the following information –


Business name

Portfolio link

Special projects

How does your company stand apart?


Only selected few will be reviewed. Other posts might include other relevant information about web design and hosting companies in general.